Stalls at UK PonyCon

Every year we have a large number of stalls selling a huge variety of pony goodies, such as:

Stall Layout

You can see the layout of our stalls on the diagram below. Click to download a full-size version.

Stalls Floor Plan

Stall Listings

We've put together a list of all of our wonderful stallholders who can expect to see at this year's UK PonyCon.

Please note that while UK PonyCon has conducted a cursory check of the stallholders website to ensure their appropriateness at time of publication, these websites are ultimately outside of our control and may subsequently change to contain malicious or inappropriate content.

A1 & A2: Customs and Competition Entries

Enter your Customs and other competition entries at this table for display and judging.

A3: UK PonyCon Raffles

Take part in our raffles for a chance to win awesome prizes.

A4 & A5: UK PonyCon Merchandise

Selling official UK PonyCon 2017 merchandise

A6 & A7: Charity Auction Preview

Get a sneak peek at what will be for sale in our Charity Auction, and drop off your donations here.

B1: Winterblossom Pastures

Lots of lovely G1 ponies, with a few later gen friends!

B2: Clockwork Firebird Designs

Ponies from all generations, gifts, and Pride merch!

B3: Sewpoke

Plushies, plushies, plushies!

B4: R. Sharp Art

Handcrafted mlp models and other fun things

B5: Chrissytree

Selling all generations and accessories

B6: Tinrobo

An independent artist selling cute and colourful things!

B7: Limelight Press

Purveyor of original pony and pop-culture prints and posters

B8: Jowybean

Prints, Badges, Character Prints and original artwork

C1: SockJems Creations

The home of handmade awesomeness!

C3: Paint Kitty's Stall

One stop shop for all generations! MIB, Merch & More!

C4: KaibaGirl's stall

Life long collector downsizing a herd. Generations 1 to 4 available here!

C5: Ponebooth

A traditional pony illustrator, creating MLP artwork for the fandom to enjoy.

C6: FishPish Studios

Supplying custom plushies, MLP badges, bags & other goodies

C7: StormBlaze

Art galore! Various prints, stickers and original pieces

C8: Bee Vintage

Fabulous G1 vintage ponies, accessories, pony wear and more!

D1: Cool3D UK

Uniquely designed and 3D printed gifts for all occasions

D2: Curious Imaginarium

Pony art and papercuts, and creator of resin jewellery.

D3: Reaperfox

All sorts of nerdy fanart for all your nerdy needs.

D4: Archer's stall

Handmade jewellery, keyrings and small cosplay items.

D5: Cubeydoom

Display and sell Old & New MLPs.

D6 & D7: Gaspodé

A mix of all gens, accessories, merchandise and customs!

D8: Dori-to

Here you’ll find the Silly Lyra comic and other art work!

E1: Pegasus Embroidery UK

Embroidered clothing, accessories and plushies.

E2: Amy's Ponies

Retro & Custom Ponies with some other toys & games

E3: Studio Chai

Whimsy, kawaii, trash-art from the Internet, with love

E4: Ponyqueen's Watercolor Studio

Beautiful Fine Art Prints & Originals, traditional G1 style

E5: My little pony items + all 80s 90s toys

Brought to you by the admins from the world famous Facebook group

E6: Ruby D My Little Pony Collection

A collection of G1-G4 ponies, accessories and more

F1: End of the Rainbow

#VintageOnly: MOC, Nirvana, Rare & HTF G1s & G2s

F2: Carousel Wishes

Ponies of all generations as well as kawaii accessories.

F3: ProudHeartKitty's Sales

Pony sales of varying Generations, playsets, accessories and plushies!

F4: Tic tac toe (Saturday only)

Tiny customised ponies, and other pony-related items

F5: Pinkkittywinks

Custom ponies and handmade pony themed arts and crafts

F6: Sparkler

Custom Ponies G1-G4, Christmas Ornaments, Crochet Ponies...

G1: A Truly Outrageous Collection

Lots of G1 to G4 ponies plus a crazy mix of 80s collectables

G2: ThePonyBusiness

Ponies of all generations, and much more! Be sure to pop by!

G3: Shnuppy

Bags, paintings, plushies, and hand-engraved glassware.

G4: MLP Express Box

G1 custom soaps candles and jewellery

G5: MLPWhitney's Rare Pony Corner

G1 Mail Orders galore! Many sought-after & HTF ponies too!

G6: Sebby6 & Lady Guinevere's stall

Nirvanas and merchandise & comics from all generations


Riding for Disabled Association: RDA is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through the provision of horse riding and carriage driving.

H2: Mad Munchkin Art and Illustration

YouTube content, fan art prints, badges, original prints

H3: Sam Meredith - Dreamcasters Ponies

My friendly little stall selling lots of MLP Goodies!

H4: Poodledoodle Plush

Handmade pop culture artisan plush and embroidery patches

H5, H6 & H7: MangaAnimeGadgets

Retailer of plushies, bedding sets, towels and other articles

H8: Buck: Legacy

The pony Dungeon Crawling RPG card game!

J1: River Horse

Maker of Tails of Equestria: The Storytelling Game

J2: Rarity's Boutique

Custom made hoodies and hats of your favourite ponies

J3: Sarah Bee's Ponies

G1 Ponies, merch and accessories for sale

K1 & K2: Dead Universe Comics

Stockists of comics, collectible card games and other collectibles.

Want to sell at UK PonyCon?

Stallholder tickets are no longer available to purchase.

UK PonyCon would be nothing without the amazing stallholders and their stalls.

A stallholder ticket costs £65.00 and includes one table (6ft by 2ft) and entry for one person. Every stallholder is also entitled to purchase one stallholder helper ticket for £20.00.

Tickets were available to purchase from the web store and are subject to additional rules as described in the stallholder policy.