UK PonyCon is an event run by fans, for fans, purely on a voluntary basis. We would love for you to help out either as volunteer or as a part of the events program.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please read the rest of this page and if you are interested please email us. Please put "Volunteering" in the subject line and the volunteer lead will be in touch with any further details.

All full time volunteers and Committee Members must be 18 or older. We do allow younger people to volunteer at the convention or run small events, subject to parent/guardian approval and supervision.

At-Convention Volunteers

Whilst the organising committee are the main organisers before the convention, the convention could not run without a team of volunteers. The sort of roles we require include:

We do not request volunteers to commit to a whole weekend and can work around any requirements. Even if you could only help out for an hour or two, especially at the busier times or around meal times, this is welcomed as gives a chance for other volunteers and the committee to have a break.

No experience is required, and many roles do not require any previous skills or knowledge. However, we have to put on a safe and a enjoyable event for the ticket holders who pay for attending the convention. Accordingly, whilst we accept most applications, we will only accept volunteers who we feel confident have the commitment to carry it out their requested volunteering successfully.

We know we ask a lot from our volunteers, but it would be impossible to run such a convention like UK PonyCon on a commercial basis without raising the ticket costs substantially. We want people to help out because they're having fun and supporting the convention.

We are legally unable to provide any perks to offset the time volunteers spending on the convention, but aim to support volunteering such as providing snacks or drinks while helping, mementos of the convention or where applicable reduced or free entry. The volunteer and/or events coordinator will send out more details on this.


We also run our convention content on a volunteering basis, and do not traditionally pay any guests, panelists or entertainers for their attendances at UK PonyCon. Instead we rely on attendees who gain from attending the convention, enjoy taking part and interacting with the community.

However we my make specific arrangements where appropriate, especially where the person is acting in a capacity of their full time profession or where there are legal requirements e.g. for an Entertainer who would not normally attend, a face-painter requiring insurance etc.

UK PonyCon does not have the budget or facilities to accommodate special guests from overseas.


UK PonyCon is run by a committee of volunteers and is strictly a not-for-profit organisation. None of the organising committee receive any remuneration for their duties, and pay out of their own pocket for travel and accommodation to attend the convention.

Committee applications are run December each year, and are advised on our social media and our forum. The current committee is shown on our committee page

Legal Aspects

To be compliant with all applicable laws, UK PonyCon like any other volunteer organisation is not permitted to reward volunteers in any way for their services. We may provide volunteers or other people in the fandom or community, promotional items, such as T-shirts or badges, to help advertise the convention throughout the year.

Whilst words for volunteering or committee applications may be common terminology when referring to usual paid employment, for the avoidance of doubt all volunteering and committee roles are unpaid.

There is a volunteer agreement which sets out the responsibilities on either side of our relationship with people who volunteer. It is not legally binding, but gives an outline of our expectations.