2017 Schedule and Events

Britannia having fun

There's a huge variety of things to see and do at UK PonyCon, to suit young children through to older fans and collectors.


See the schedules below, or click to view full-size. They'll be printed in the free-of-charge con book, so you don't need to print them off unless you want to!

Saturday Timetable

Sunday Timetable

Card Games Area Timetable

For a floor plan showing the layout of our events rooms, click here.

Event Descriptions

We've had many requests for further information on all of our events, so please find the full descriptions of each event listed below.


09:30 Saturday and 16:30 Sunday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Warm up those pipes and let's get this party started singing along to some of the fandom's fave pony songs!

Opening Ceremony

10:00 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Join us for the official opening of the 2017 convention and let us welcome you to UK PonyCon 2017!

Room 101

11:30 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Is there something in the world of MLP you wish didn't exist? Submit your suggestion into the box at the merch stall and come see it discussed! Will it be banished to Room 101 forever?

Rodeo Bingo

12:00 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Buckle up and get ready for some rodeo bingo! Eyes down, mark your cards....who gets a full line first on their card will win! YEE HAA!

Pony Family Fortunes

13:00 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage and 15:30 Sunday in the Crusader Club House

Family Fortunes meets My Little Pony!! Come along and enjoy a fun filled hour of drama, guessing and lots of ponies. And yes, there will be explosions!! (not really :D)

Cosplay Competition

14:30 both days at the Sweet Apple Stage

No detail was too small, no challenge too big. You've worked tirelessly on your cosplay, now here's your chance to show it off and win prizes in our cosplay contest!

Pony Cosplay: Creating a Pony costume

15:30 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Ever wanted to create your own My Little Pony cosplay? Come along and learn what makes a good pony gijinka cosplay (and what that word means) from designing an outfit to picking fabrics and even choosing a wig.

Musical Celebration

20:00 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Featuring Steely Hooves with a live music performance celebrating everyone's favourite cartoon horses through performance of original, cover and parody songs. Also Sing-A-Longs and dancing led by Midnight Dynasty and Fluffy Cactus So grab your partner, warm up those vocal chords and get ready to raise a barn or two!!

Snake in the Boot

12:00 Saturday and 16:00 Sunday in the Central Events Pen

A fun relay game for all the crusaders out there! First team to get all the snakes in their boots wins!

Pinch A Parcel

16:00 for kids and 16:30 for adults on Saturday in the Central Events Pen

A classic PonyCon game! Bring a wrapped pony-themed parcel with you to play (parcel should contain a MINIMUM five pounds value). Prepare to gather as many parcels as you can before time runs out.

The Creative World of MLP

11:30 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

This panel will show all the different types of creativity of the my little pony fans. From Dresses to Custom Ponies to Animated Videos to fanfiction the world of fandom is always growing.

Modelling and Texturing – The basics

12:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Ever wanted to create assets for SFM but didn't know where to start? In this panel I will be going through the basics of modelling and texturing, and carefully talk through the interface of all the software that will be covered. I'll also be using software you don't need to pay a crazy amount on! Bring a notebook!

MLP Studies 2017

13:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

For the fifth year running Dr Pony (AKA Dr Ewan Kirkland) from the University of Brighton considers the significance of MLP to popular culture, fandom and animation studies.

My Little Pony in Watercolour

14:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Delve into the world of watercolours with MLP Fair Artist Sarah Keefer as she demonstrates her technique in using watercolours to paint vibrant ponies in vintage My Little Pony style. Learn about tools, tips, and tricks from drafting a composition to working with the watercolour medium, or just relax and enjoy the process. For artists and non-artists alike!

Staying Creative with Mad Munchkin

16:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Mad Munchkin chats about the importance of staying creative.

Applejack: Awesome through the ages

17:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Join our committee members Vikki and Amy for a panel all about AppleJack and the Apple Family throughout the generations!

SFM Ponies of Equestrian Comedy

20:00 Saturday and 15:00 Sunday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Source Filmmaker, JollyOldCinema and co's software of choice when it comes to making memes and animations. Experience the Comedy Collabs, RWBY Parodies and take a peek into the methods used in creating some of your favorite SFM Ponies Animations.

Pub Quiz

21:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Are you ready to put on your pony thinking caps and possibly win some prizes? Team up with others to take on the PonyCon Pub Quiz! Though be warned, the questions aren't easy :)

Cartoon Riff

22:00 Saturday in the Zap Apple Theatre

The cartoon riff is back for another year! Waterfire takes you on a journey through some of the strangest, oddest and downright weirdest cartoons that are lurking online. Audience participation is encouraged! Will you be subjected to more MLP G3 Newborn Cuties? Who knows! Come along and find out!

Make A Hat

11:00 Saturday in the Crusader Club House

Craft session for fillies and colts! All materials provided, come and decorate a Cowboy style hat, let your creative skills go wild!

Speed Artwork

12:30 Saturday in the Crusader Club House

Show off your artistic flare; what can you draw in a limited amount of time?

Kids Custom Ponies

13:00 Saturday and 11:00 Sunday in the Crusader Club House

Come and decorate a pony any way you wish. We will provide the ponies and art materials, or feel free to bring your own things along.

Draw A Pony

15:30 Saturday and 14:30 Sunday in the Crusader Club House

Can you guide your blindfolded partner to draw a pony? The real question is; will it actually look like a pony?!

Make A Pony

17:00 Saturday in the Crusader Club House

Can you create a pony from a pile of random STUFF? Can you get it dome before the time runs out? Then this could be the event for you!

Britannia's Buddies

11:00, 14:00 and 17:30 Saturday and 10:00, 14:00 and 16:30 Sunday in the Vampire Bat Sanctuary

First time at the con or just feeling a little shy? We've organised a few sessions throughout the convention to break the ice and help ya'll enjoy your time at UK PonyCon, come along and become a Britannia Buddy!

Kids My Little Karaoke and Trotmainia

12:00 both days in the Vampire Bat Sanctuary

Sing along time for the fillies and colt's, join in singing your favorite pony songs!

My Little Karaoke and Trotmainia

16:30 and 18:00 Saturday and 10:30, 13:00 and 15:30 Sunday in the Vampire Bat Sanctuary

Do ya'll wanna sing your song across the pony nation? Then Mosey on down for a good ol' sing song!

Buck: Legacy Meet and Play

12:00 both days in the Card Games Area

Buck: Legacy - The Dungeon Crawling RPG Card Game with Ponies! Come and play with the game's creator! Welcoming new and experienced players!

Casual Card Games

Any time tables in the Card Games Area are not needed for scheduled events

Need some time away from the hustle and bustle of the con, feel free to drop into the game room and play whatever you want with your friends.

CCG Tournament

13:00 both days in the Card Games Area

Are ya'll the best Pony CCG player in the Wild West? Prove it in a showdown; prepare your best deck, partner, and get ready to DRAW!

Grand Charity Auction

12:00 Sunday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Here's your chance to bid on fantastic auction lots, precedes go to then RDA, so get generous, it's gonna get crazy!

Closing Ceremony

17:00 Sunday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Wrap up the weekend with our closing ceremony, including the awards ceremony, before riding off into the sunset. Not to be missed!

Vocal Games

10:00 Sunday in the Central Events Pen

YEEEHAAWWW! Time to get your voice warmed up! A fun practical session with Midnight Dynasty as she takes you through her warm up exercises to ready her voice for voice acting, performing or just having fun!

Writing vs Narration

10:00 Sunday in the Zap Apple Theatre

We've all heard the term 'screen play by....' or 'adapted for television by....' but what does that mean to us ordinary folk writing fanfics for YouTube and Vidme? Can we get away with one text document? How important is 'pace'? How do you ship your story to narrators so they can deliver?

Art Panel

11:00 Sunday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Learn to draw ponies in digital and traditional methods with tips, tutorials and demos with Stormy and Maddy.

Get It Write!

16:00 Sunday in the Zap Apple Theatre

Do you live for fictional adventures and hardback heroes? Follow me on a quest to discover the essence of every story: plot. In my panel, Get It Write!, I will tell you what a plot is, and how to create one for your own story—but not only that. Together, we will forge a plot in the smithies of our imagination, and bring it to life with our creativity. Are you ready?

The Art of My Little Pony

10:00 Sunday in the Crusader Club House

Why is there so much MLP fan art? Why is the animation style of MLP so appealing? This interactive workshop explores the visual design of ponies across the show, and how you can translate this into your own individual art style.

Fanfiction Story Panel

10:30 Sunday in the Crusader Club House

Through Fluttershy and Discord follow a series of adventures and of course a little bit of chaos which leads to the possible end of Equestria and pony kind. Will a certain pony who loves lemon muffin surprise save the day!

Kids Quiz

13:00 Sunday in the Crusader Club House

Pony related quiz for the fillies and colts, show us ya'll know all things MLP!

G1 for Bronies, G4 for Oldies

10:30 Sunday at the Sweet Apple Stage

Back by request! Are you a Brony keen to find out the origins of My Little Pony? Or an old skool G1 collector who wants to know what all the FiM fuss is about? Find out here with a lighthearted and informative jouney through MLP toys from G1 to G4.5 with Jemofirongate.

Tails of Equestria Demo Games

11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 both days in the Card Games Area

Tails of Equestria is a My Little Pony storytelling game by River Horse, and we're hosting some short demo sessions, so you can jump into an adventure in the land of Equestria! Whether you're a roleplaying veteran or a pony fan, come along to create your Pony Character and tell your own tale!

Mr and Mrs

15:30 Sunday at the Sweet Apple Stage

How well do you know your partner? A series of tough pony questions will lead to the answer!

Who Said What Now?

17:00 Saturday at the Sweet Apple Stage

How well do you know the lines from our favourite television series? Join our game show to guess the pony or complete the sentence to win.

Rainbow Dash Attack

15:30 Saturday and 14:30 Sunday in the Vampire Bat Sanctuary

Have a go at playing Rainbow Dash Attack, a computer game about the rainbow mare, and enter our competition to see who's best.

Cosplay Photoshoot

11:30 and 16:00 Saturday and 10:30 and 15:30 Sunday in the Photo Studio

You've spent time and effort making your amazing cosplay - now have your photos taken in front of the pony banners by one of our photographers as a momento.

Selfie Corner

13:00 and 17:30 Saturday and 12:00 Sunday in the Photo Studio

We all like selfies! Grab a selfie in front of our pony banners and tweet it with #ukponycon. There's also a bucket of props to theme your photos.